Business Services for Indie Artists & Filmmakers at SXSW 2018

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BLUE J Financial & Media Law Group launch new business services for indie artists & filmmakers at SXSW 2018

New partnership brings financial and legal resources to help artists professionalize their business

Seattle WA / March 12, 2018: Seattle-based Media Law Group (MLG) and Austin-based Blue J Financial are announcing the launch of a new partnership at SXSW 2018 through PledgeMusic’s market place community to help musicians, artists and entrepreneurs run their businesses professionally.

This partnership allows Blue J and MLG to offer clients great value for key services including financial modeling to help potential investors see how they get a return on their investment, business plans and pitch decks, strategic planning and a range of other financial and legal services.

“When Lara Lavi from Media Law Group told us about her new partnership with Blue J and all the good they will do for our PledgeMusic artists, I offered them a spot in our Market Place so our community can discover their valuable services,” explains PledgeMusic’s CEO, Dominic Pandascia.

Many of BlueJ/MLG’s clients rely on presales and crowdfunding through PledgeMusic.com to secure seed money crucial to building their careers. “We want PledgeMusic’s artists to focus on the creative and logistic sides of their business. We make sure they have a financial and business roadmap to run their business professionally and maximize their early stage pre-sales and crowd funding dollars they raise through PledgeMusic, with support from NoiseTrade and their own social media community and fan base,” said Blue J CEO Laurie Chen.

“Over and over again I observed my start up music and film clients attempt careers without proper planning. When Blue J helped my own son Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones and his band Gypsy Temple design their business plan and win their first solid investor, I realized that by combining our services, we could offer a valuable resource to other artists.” says Lara Lavi, managing partner at Media Law Group.

Blue J Financial/MLG are also announcing today that Houston-based Holly Palmer, MSA, MBA has joined Blue J Financial in response to faster than expected demand for services. “I am thrilled to be part of the Blue J Financial team and partnering with Lara Lavi of Media Law Group as we launch this wonderful new service for creative people in the popular arts.  As a huge music fan, I think launching at SXSW 2018 with PledgeMusic.com is exactly the right move for our partnership now,” she said.

Seattle musician Whitney Monge worked with Blue J/MSG to map out a strategy that is allowing her to treat her career as a business. “I am confident as an artist but I needed help in finances and business strategy so that I can do more touring, more merchandise and take on an investor. When we plugged in the numbers, I watched my whole plan unfold which gave me real clarity on how to take my career to the next level,” she said.

“I have an App called Parke Ave that helps musical artists network on everything from mic technique to touring strategies. BlueJ/MLG provide much needed professional services at an affordable cost. This is the difference between an artist groping in the dark to run their business and turning on the light switch,” explains indie pop singer Scarlet Parke.

Artists and managers are invited to meet the Blue J Financial/Media Law Group Team at the PledgeMusic Porch showcases mornings during SXSW from 9am to 11:30am at The Blackheart located at 86 Rainey St, Austin, Texas 78701

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Founded by seasoned CPAs, Laurie Chen and Sarah Chu, Blue J Financial provides affordable, efficient, and on-demand accounting, tax, and finance support that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus on running their business without being burdened by the myriad financial tasks that need to be done. https://www.bluejfinancial.com/mlg

Media Law Group operates at the intersection of creativity, law and business to offer growth-oriented solutions to artists, entrepreneurs and established businesses. Managing partner, Lara Lavi, is also a Grammy winning career singer songwriter who has been signed to major labels and publishing houses as well as developed her career through her own label – Very Juicy Records.

PledgeMusic is a global next-generation music company and fan marketplace dedicated to and enabling artists to build communities, harvest new fans, create exciting ways to connect fans into every promotional opportunity from pre-order through touring and “down” cycles, while presenting their creative vision far beyond just “click and play”.   The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Nashville.   www.pledgemusic.com


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